Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mountain Rescue - Dynamite Blvd & Pima Road

Mountain rescue reported at East Dynamite Blvd & North Pima Road in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Units responding include: E12 E45 E610 E613 E929 C957S DEPLOY BC2 BC602 S12 S613 SCTP00.

[Update] Lost hiker in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, according to Scottsdale FD officials. Hiker had a cell phone. Caller reported no injuries. Just lost. Crews found the two hikers in approximately 15 minutes. The hikers were extracted safely from the trail.

The Scottsdale Fire Department reminds citizens to remember when hiking in the later part of the day, know the approximate time of sunset, bring pretty of water, have a charged cell phone, and let someone know where you are and what time you intend on returning.