Monday, April 4, 2016

Indian School Park Lake Closed for Rehabilitation

Photographer: Peter Kosednar

Indian School Lake is closed from April 04, 2016 to September 09, 2016 for rehabilitation. The lake liner is old, deteriorating and needs to be replaced to stop water loss. The temporary closure started today and will last approximately five months to complete, according to the city.

During construction the lake will be drained and the paths around the lake will be closed. All animals living in and around the lake will be relocated prior the start of construction.

Upon completion, the lake will include a concrete edge, a 10-foot graduated slope from shore to lake bottom and a PVC liner. The lake will also include a new aeration and recirculation system.

Several mature trees around the lake must be removed, but several new trees will be replanted as part of the project. Additional improvements will be made to the area surrounding the lake including storm drain system and irrigation pumps.

Indian School Lake is located at the northwest corner of Indian School and Hayden road in Scottsdale, AZ.