Wednesday, May 26, 2021

City Park Camping - Indian School Park Lake - 4289 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale AZ 85251

Photographer: Peter Kosednar

Type: Homelessness/Camping at Indian School Park Lake.
Address: 4289 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale AZ 85251
Date/Time: 05/26/2021 5:05:00 AM MST
Description: 1 Adult male + 1 adult female camping in grasss on southwest side of Indian School Park Lake. Another unknown subject was camping under a large blanket on a newly installed bench on the northest side of Indian School Park. Both seen this morning at around 5:05 AM. Campers left behind trash (soda bottle and cardboard). Photo of the trash was taken at 9:30 AM MST.

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