Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mountain Rescue - 23015 North 128th Street - Tom's Thumb Trailhead

Mountain rescue reported at Tom's Thumb Trailhead at 23015 North 128th Street in Scottsdale, AZ.

Units responding or on scene include: E610 E614 P-615 C957N BC602.

[Update] SFD officials tell us that a 80 year old male has fallen and has sustained some injuries. Patient is about 330 yards up the main trail. Scottsdale Fire Department Technical Rescue Team is on scene. Big wheel extraction operation. Patient will be packaged and brought off the mountain via a big wheel.

Scottsdale Fire Department reminds residents and visitors to never hike alone, always tell someone where you are hiking and the time your expected back, bring plenty of water, wear the appropriate hiking shoes, wear a hat, sunscreen, and know your limitations when out hiking.

[Update: 12:13 PM MST] PMT Ambulance (P-615) is transporting patient to Scottsdale Memorial Osborn for pre-cautionary measures.