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Illegal Burning at Poinsettia Drive & 125th Street

House Fire at 17800 N 93rd Place

Check Smoke Outside at Loop 101 & Princess Blvd

Check Odor at 6800 E Gold Dust Ave

Alert Two at 15000 N 78th Way

Check Fire Out at 9300 E Desert Trail

Check Hazard at 8400 E Dixileta Drive

Unknown Fire at 8600 E Thomas Rd

Check Electrical at 9300 E Thompson Peak Parkway

Natural Gas Leak Inside at 15000 North Scottsdale Road

Check Odor at 15000 North Scottsdale Road

Check Fire Out at 7600 E Avalon Drive

Unknown Fire at 10100 E Thompson Peak Parkway

Mountain Rescue at 14500 E Vía Linda

Check Hazard at 10900 E Palomino Road

House Fire at 7600 E Avalon Drive

Christmas in Arizona


Check Odor at 10100 N Scottsdale Rd

Check Hazard at 26600 N Pima Road

Transformer Fire at 7500 E Highland Ave

Service Call at 2500 N 85th Place

Oven Fire at 8200 E Valley Vista Dr

Check Fire Out at 3900 N Scottsdale Rd

Smoke Odor Inside at 7900 E Princess Dr

Alley Fire at 8000 E Granada Road

Check Hazard at 96th St & Corrine Drive

Unknown Fire at 136th Street & Leisure Lane

Arizona Snowbowl Opens Thursday

Service Call at 14700 N Airport Dr

Dumpster Fire at 73rd Street & Bonita Drive

Sunrise Park Resort Opens Wednesday

Natural Gas Leak Inside Structure at 7474 E Boulders Parkway

More than 5,000 are without power in Heber-Overgaard and Linden

Hazardous Situation at 2300 N Scottsdale Rd

Check Fire Out at 7300 E Indian Bend Rd

Check Hazard at 20800 N Grayhawk Drive

Apartment Fire at 9600 N 96th Street

High Rise Fire at 7400 E Osborn Rd

Flagstaff Nordic Center Opens Saturday

Sunrise Park Resort Opens Wednesday

Flagstaff Schools Closed Today

Wing Mountain Snow Play Area Opens Saturday

Storm Expected Tonight, Friday


Air Conditioner Fire at 15700 N Greenway Hayden Loop

Natural Gas Leak at 7600 E Cholla Drive

Check Fire Out at 9800 E Wood Drive

Illegal Burning at 8300 E Meadowbrook Avenue

Dumpster Fire at 4000 N 78th Street

Stuck Elevator at 7400 E Osborn Road

Natural Gas Leak at 7700 E McDowell Road

Accident Involving Pedestrian at 4000 N Scottsdale Rd

Accident With Extrication at Hayden Rd & Thomas Rd

Odor at 33900 N 81st Street

Service Call at 19800 N 83rd Place

Smoke In Area at Scottsdale Rd & Mountain View Rd

Odor at 20555 North Scottsdale Road

Odor at 5900 E Thomas Rd

Structure Fire at 10100 E Vía Linda

Check Hazard at 26900 N 73rd Way

Debris Fire at Scottsdale Rd & McCormick Parkway

Natural Gas Leak Inside at 6800 E 4th Street

Hazardous Situation at 7400 E Sutton Dr

Smoke Inside Apartment at 9800 N 73rd Street

Service Call at 7400 E Shea Blvd

Odor at 5700 N 79th Way

Structure Fire at 10000 N Scottsdale Rd

Fire at 82nd St & Montebello Ave

Fuel Spill at 8100 E Cactus Rd

Odor at 6700 N Scottsdale Rd

Odor at 6500 E Oberlin Way

Unknown Fire at McDowell Rd & 68th St

Oven Fire at 15100 N Thompson Peak Pkwy

Natural Gas Leak Inside at 6600 E Gold Dust Ave

House Fire at 26800 N 78th Street

Oven Fire at 13500 N 101st Way

Unknown Fire at Shea Blvd & 104th Street

Mountain Rescue at Dynamite Blvd & Alma School Rd

Stuck Elevator at 7100 E Stetson Drive

Natural Gas Leak Inside at 11200 E North Lane

Check Lines Down at 4900 N 73rd Street

Fashion Square Black Friday 2012 Store Hours

Free Thanksgiving Meals in Phoenix

Medical Response at Shea Blvd & 96th St

Structure Fire at 9500 E Ironwood Square Drive

Natural Gas Leak Inside at 7300 E Redbird Rd

Apartment Fire at 7200 E Rancho Vista Drive

Illegal Burning at 7400 E Roosevelt St

Tree Fire at 8800 E Cholla Street

Odor at 9600 E Camino Del Santo

Illegal Burning at 8000 E Weldon Ave

Hazardous Situation at 10100 E Vía Linda

Stuck Elevator at 7000 E Camelback Rd

House Fire at 8100 E Vía De Viva

Check Electrical at 10500 N 90th Street

Tree Fire at 6600 E Lewis Ave

House Fire at 13900 E Laurel Lane

Alert Two at 15000 N 78th Way

House Fire at 14300 E Coyote Rd

Structure Fire at 9300 E Shea Blvd

Natural Gas Leak at 7700 E Candelaria Drive

Tree Fire at 8300 E Meadowbrook Ave

Odor at 11400 E Helm Drive

Unknown Fire at N 68th St & E 3rd St

Vehicle Fire at 8200 E McDowell Road

Vehicle Fire With Exposure at 10831 E Autumn Sage Drive

Odor at 19800 N 76th St

Illegal Burning at 8600 E San Marcos Drive

Stove Fire at 11400 N 114th Street

Illegal Burning at 10700 E Cactus Rd

Odor at 1000 N 85th Street

Structure Fire at 4800 N Scottsdale Road

Debris Fire at 3100 N 66th Street

Pima Road Rollover Accident


House Fire at 8500 E Highland Avenue

Odor at 6800 E Main Street

Stove Fire at 7800 E Heatherbrae Ave

Stuck Elevator at 4300 N Scottsdale Rd

House Fire at 12100 E Clinton Street

Air Conditioner Fire at 9100 E Purdue Ave

Odor at 2600 N Miller Rd

Illegal Burning at 13300 N 90th Way

Structure Fire at 7800 E Redfield Rd

Ill Person (Heat) at 12600 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd

Mountain Rescue at Pima Rd & Jomax Rd

Structure Fire at 15600 N Hayden Rd

Power Outage Report (October 21, 2012)

Check Flooding at 4400 N Civic Center Plaza


Smoke In Area at 79th Place & Belleview St

Unknown Fire at Vía Linda & 136th St

Check Hazard at 10600 E Firewheel Drive