Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mountain Rescue - 18300 N Thompson Peak Pkwy - Gateway Loop Trail

Mountain rescue reported in the 18300 block of North Thompson Peak Parkway in Scottsdale, AZ. Injured hiker on the Gateway Loop Trail at Thompson Peak.

Units responding: E45 E610 E614 P-610 C957N C957S BC2 BC602 S45 S610.

[Update] SFD officials tell us that technical rescue crews from Scottsdale Fire and Phoenix Fire responded. A hiker suffered a fall on the trail. The patient was assessed and treated by Scottsdale Fire department Paramedics. The technical rescue crews utilized a "big wheel" to remove the patient from the trail. The patient was transported by PMT Ambulance to Scottsdale Health Care Thompson Peak for further evaluation and treatment.

Scottsdale Fire reminds all hikers to be aware of your start time versus the approximate time of the sunset. Remember to wear appropriate clothing, proper footwear, bring a cell phone, stay hydrated, hike with a friend and tell someone where you will be and what time you intend to return.