General / Special Election Results - November 06, 2018 - City of Scottsdale

Candidates for Council
(Vote for not more than three Candidates for Council)
Council Candidate - Votes

Bill Crawford: 27,425 (17.44%)
Kathy Littlefield: 40,287 (25.62%)
Linda Milhaven: 29,525 (18.78%)
David N. Smith: 25,041 (15.93%)
Solange Whitehead: 34,654 (22.04%)

Ballot Measures

Yes No

Question 1:
A ballot question authorizing an increase in the rate of transaction privilege and use taxes in the City by 0.10 percent (0.10%) for a period of ten (10) years to provide funds for transportation improvement projects. The tax amounts to one penny on every $10 purchase in Scottsdale.

Yes: 41,162
No: 35,385

Proposition 420:
An amendment to the Scottsdale City Charter proposed by initiative petition. This proposition would amend the city charter to prohibit the alteration of the natural state of preserve lands and limit the use of preserve funds for any purpose other than those specifically outlined in the proposed amendment unless authorized by Scottsdale registered voters at a general or special election.

Yes: 55,059
No: 22,983