Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Protests and Looting at Fashion Square Mall

On Saturday, May 30th, the City of Scottsdale experienced an unprecedented event. Hundreds of people came to Scottsdale, specifically, the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall, under the guise of protesting police violence. While some may have indeed come to join what they believed would be a peaceful protest, what occurred was neither peaceful, nor a protest. It was a riot that saw several dozens of individuals collectively damaging property at and near the mall, breaking into businesses and looting the interiors. During the course of the hours' long event, law enforcement from Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, MCSO, and the Department of Public Safety worked to contain the criminal activity and apprehend those offenders they could. Life safety was the number one priority, thus, officers were not sent in to force a violent clash with criminal antagonists. As a result, 12 individuals were arrested and booked into jail on various charges and, thankfully, no injuries to officers were reported. At least one assault has been reported and millions of dollars in damages and theft occurred at the hands of a group of lawless criminals. Our investigators have begun following up and any offenders who can be identified as having committed criminal acts will be arrested. In the meantime, Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall and Camelback Road from Goldwater Blvd to Scottsdale Rd is CLOSED until further notice. Officers will remain on-scene to keep the peace and will make arrests as necessary.

In the wake of last night's events, we ask for calm. We stand together with our citizens who wish to exercise their right to peacefully assemble. But, lawlessness and terror are not protected and will not be tolerated, according to Sgt. Ben Hoster, Public Information Office with the Scottsdale Police Department.

12 Individuals Arrested and Booked

  • Clemons, Taylor D (24) – Burglary 3rd Degree
  • Hannon, Whitney Chennelle (20) – Burglary 3rd Degree
  • Espinoza, Enrique Israel (23) – Burglary 3rd Degree, Theft
  • Ali, Muhammad J (22) – Burglary 3rd Degree
  • Poineau, Christian (22) – Burglary 3rd Degree
  • Spence, Peyton Elizabeth (24) - Trespassing
  • Saunders, Lamont James (22) - Trespassing
  • Nelson, Stephanie Quin (24) – Burglary 3rd Degree
  • Del, Sabrin John Kamel (24) – Burglary 3rd Degree
  • Bligh, Alexander (19) – Disorderly Conduct with a weapon
  • Akins, Breanna Michelle (27) – Burglary 3rd Degree
  • Name withheld (17-year-old juvenile male)