Tuesday, June 11, 2019

1 Alarm Brush Fire - Scottsdale Rd & Williams Dr, Phoenix, AZ

Unknown fire reported at North Scottsdale Road & East Williams Drive in Phoenix, Arizona.

Units responding, dispatched or on scene include: E52 E613 L611 L615 BC6 BR52 BR611 BR613 T615 PHXP00.

[Update: 9:51 AM MST] 1 Alarm Brush Fire. Additional units added: E614 RM50 BC602 CRV DC603 NDC SDC BR49 T49 U159.

[Update: 11:17 AM MST] Additional units added: E36 E49 E156 E825 C1919 BC191 BC271 BR36 BR156 BR825 T36 T825 AZSL00 CRVD. Scottsdale Fire Department is assisting Phoenix with a brush fire in the City of Phoenix near Scottsdale Rd and Pinnacle Peak. PFD, SFD and State Forestry are on scene. No evacuations are being discussed at this time, According to Scottsdale FD officials. [Update: 11:32 AM MST] Pinnacle Peak Road closed between Scottsdale Road & Tatum Blvd. [Update: 11:43 AM MST] Arizona Public Service (APS) is going to be shutting off power. Possible power outages in the area due to the fire, according to officials.