Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DC Ranch Silverleaf Airport Traffic Noise

This question is from my youtube channel

Youtube question 1: : [Hi Pete.

I was re-watching your tour of the DC Ranch/Silverleaf area. I understand the Scottsdale Airport is near there. I was wondering if you think the airport noise is of much concern to the Silverleaf area?

Thanks for your input. Have a great day.]

Pete's Response: [Amazing hiking and mtn biking next to DC Ranch!

I went up there after your email. I plane I spotted on that tape might of been "transition traffic". About a half dozen plane I saw all to the west of me nothing overhead.

I live in an Apt at Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd and Scottsdale Rd and am smack in middle of the helicopter flight path --- I know when breaking news happens when all the tv helicopters are all buzzing over my pad to stories.

The planes takeoff and landing zones change with the winds and weather.

I think your big concern is landing track 21 A goes smack right over DC Ranch.

Jet Arrivals and Departures


Here is a map of dc ranch to match up the maps - i can see the two golf greens that flight pattern 21 A goes by clearly on the map:

I can confirm one landing zone right over Silverleaf "21A" that cuts in a southwest track right in the middle of the golf course (on northeast part of track) - and then south of Copper Ridge School appears north of silverleaf clubhouse and north of Horseshoe Canyon Dr.]

Flight Patterns

Pilot Guide and Noise Abatement Procedures

Consolidated Flight Track Map

Youtube question 2: [I just watched your new video of Silverleaf
. It really is pretty out there. I saw that one small plane flying over. I looked at a flight path page from Scottsdale Airport but I can't make too much out of it. Do the planes actually fly over the Silverleaf homes in the Windgate Pass Drive entrance area? Is the plane noise out there that bad?

Thanks again for your help. I really enjoy your video tours!]

Youtube question 3: [Hi Pete,

If I read that report right, no one from the Silverleaf (Windgate Pass Dr. entrance) area complained of aircraft noise. Correct me if I'm wrong.

On this map of flight paths, do you know what Consolidated Arrival Sub Tracks and Radar Instrument/Visual Arrival Tracks are? These might concern me more than the actual 21A flight path. I Googled them; but I couldn't find an adequate answer.

General Aviation (GA) - Arrivals

General Aviation (GA) - Departures

Thanks again for the info. I appreciate it!]

DC Ranch and Silverleaf are directly in the flight path from the airport! Look at the facts folks. Understand that the airport was open before DC Ranch/Silverleaf.